5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Bow?


Without your bow and arrow, you cannot fulfill the practice of archery. The bow and arrow will always remain one of your most precious possessions and its up to you how to maintain your bow . It is your duty as an archer to keep your equipment in good condition to prolong its life.

Archery equipment that is accurate and reliable should not be taken for granted, as your ability to draw and score will depend on it. Taking the time to maintain and take care of your bow and accessories is critical.

Check out these tips on how to maintain your bow.

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1. Wax your bowstring regularly.

Of course, you cannot shoot your arrows accurately if your bow is not in tip-top condition. Having a well-tuned bow will result in a well-tuned performance.

The most important tip for maintaining the string is to wax it properly. There are three types of wax that can be used to wax the string: you can use wax sticks, polymeric wax, or you can use wax blocks.

There are wax sticks that come with the additional benefits of string conditioner. They are soft, moist waxes that are very easy to use. Meanwhile, wax blocks are thicker in shape and are usually harder and drier. Another advantage of using wax blocks is that they are more affordable than wax sticks.

Another type of wax you can use is the more natural polymeric wax, which is made up of Shea, mango oil, and kokum, all of which have excellent conditioning properties for your strings.

2. Wax your strings correctly.

Now that you have selected which wax to use, apply a proper amount onto your bow. However, keep in mind that there is a specific process of efficiently waxing strings. Here is how the waxing should be:

  1. Before applying wax to the bowstring, make sure that it is completely dust-free and dry. Clean it with a piece of cloth or a string cleaner and gently wipe the strings

    Run your fingers thru the string to warm it for an easier wax application.

  2. Rub a liberal amount of wax on the string. Use your fingers to evenly coat all sides of the string

  3. Then, use a piece of leather to distribute the wax on the string. By using leather, the wax will penetrate the inner layer more efficiently, which is called the process of burnishing. This is a helpful process to keep your strings in good condition.

3. Replace the bowstring at the right time.

The bowstring is a fundamental part of your bow and should be maintained. If you see minimal strands sticking up from the bowstring, or if you feel something fuzzy, it is time to apply some good amount of wax onto the string.

However, if you notice big strands sticking out of the string, it indicates that the string has become damaged and that it is time to replace it.

4. Invest in a quality storing case.

Keeping your bow safe from its surroundings is always an excellent idea. Remember that humidity and water are your string’s mortal enemies. To keep your bow safe, the best thing to do is store it in a good-quality bow case.

There are two types of bow case: hard case and soft case. Soft cases are the most common and more affordable. Hard cases are more costly compared to soft cases, but this type of case will give the best protection.

Regardless of what kind you choose, both will serve their purpose in protecting your bow.

5. Use proper bow accessories.

Sometimes, if you use mismatched arrows and bows, your string will probably lose its life after a few uses. So, your archery training and skills aren’t the only things that matter. You should also be able to use the right kinds of arrows, compound, and normal bows.


There you go! Those are a few of the basic things you can do to extend the life of your bow.

If you can maintain your bow properly, then its lifespan will be more than usual. Good quality archery equipment is not necessary to be expensive. If you can take good care of it, then you will be able to save a good amount of money from frequent buying.

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