10 Reasons Why Learn Archery

Why Learn Archery
Why Learn Archery

When it comes to choosing which new hobby to try, archery is usually not the very first thing that will come up on the list. But, while most people find archery an intimidating hobby to start, more and more people are enjoying archery as a hobby. 

In a 2015 survey, 23.8 million American adults have participated in bowhunting and archery. This sport, with its rich history, is beloved by many people because of the benefits they get, both physically and mentally.

People ask why learn archery? We will know a lot of benefits of archery and why is it fun.

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1. It is a hobby for all.

Unlike basketball, where height is an advantage, archery is perfect for anyone! Whatever your height, age, and skill level are, you can take up archery with no issues.

In fact, you can even witness the best shooters in the world who are contending in the Paralympics.

All you need is a bow, an arrow, and determination to improve yourself.

2. It enhances hand-eye coordination.

In order to gain scores in archery, you have to shoot an arrow in the center of a target and the only way to score high is by having top-notch hand-eye coordination.

This can be improved by consistent practice of holding the bow and arrow in your hands while aiming the arrow to the target using your eyes. With repetition and practice, hand-eye coordination will improve, together with your balancing as you stand up while aiming the arrow.

3. It improves your focus.

Like most activities, being distracted can result in unprecedented events. Focus is extremely important for acres to filter out any distraction and to prioritize their form before releasing the bowstring.

For competitive archery, focusing is important to cope up with the high pressure of this competitive sport.

4. It strengthens your body.

Contrary to the popular belief that only the upper part of the body is used and strengthened in archery. However, multiple body groups function to make a proper draw, including your arms, chest, core, shoulders, legs, and feet.

When drawing a bow, the calories being burned is similar to lifting weight in the gym. Maintaining the drawn string for several seconds before releasing it creates tension within different muscle groups.

5. It keeps your brain stimulated.

As people age, visible changes are always expected, such as energy level, weakening bodily functions, and decreasing brain activities. However, these can be avoided through certain activities that will keep them stimulated, such as archery.

Since focusing is essential to excel in archery, practicing it regularly will result in a stimulated brain. The more brainpower and focus you exert when drawing the bow, the more it helps your mental health to keep in good shape.

6. It improves self-confidence.

Archery is a game where you can compete against yourself. You can improve your scores, set new records for yourself, and aim for a goal.

Likewise, it can also be held against other archers. Results can be calculated to improve a person’s form and technique and boost an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

7. It helps in socialization.

Believe it or not, archery can be played as a team sport, too. When it comes to archery tournaments, the general rule is archers are grouped as a team and the sum of the scores of each archer will be the team’s score.

Archers can get to know each other while competing in the course together. Working together as a team and supporting one another is important for success. After all, there is no “I” in “TEAM”.

8. It is relaxing.

You may be thinking, how can a sport which uses a could-be long-range weapon be relaxing? Well, releasing an arrow and watching it hit the target can be exceedingly pleasing.

It can help you relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. The act of focusing and blocking out all distractions is a great way to enter that meditative, relaxing state of mind.

9. It is an inexpensive hobby.

Just by looking at the bow and arrow, you may be intimidated by the price you have to shell out by playing archery. Don’t worry.

Archery can be a cheap sport if you just want to do it as a hobby. Plenty of archery outlets can rent out equipment when having lessons from them. You can also check our affordable archery equipment here.

However, if you want to compete athletically, then the price may increase and will require a lot of your time to practice.

10. Finally, it is fun!

Like all hobbies and sports, the utmost goal of archery is enjoyment through recreation. When practicing archery, it is essential to remember to focus on improving yourself rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing. This way, you will enjoy yourself better and will make you love archery.


There are tons of benefits of archery and these are only, a few mentioned above. Drawing your  bow is demanding yet it gives you plenty of benefits such as your daily exercise, improving your muscles, relaxation, improving your eyesight, and becoming sociable.

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